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GONTECH Custom Wood has been servicing the Miami metropolitan area and its surroundings, from Palm Bay county to Miami Dade County and Monroe, for over fifteen years.

From the moment you choose to work with the team at GONTECH Custom Wood, our designers will take the time to consult with you in order to understand your lifestyle, personal tastes and aspirations. We are then able to incorporate this information with our ideas and experience, using the latest technology, to make a custom design for you that best suits your needs and lifestyle.

At GONTECH Custom Wood, we endeavor to deliver the best alternativesto your home, on time and on budget, ensuring quality always.

The dedicated Customer Service Team at GONTECH Custom Wood is on-call should you have any queries, or if your kitchen requires a warranty or maintenance call-out. The dedicated GONTECH Custom Wood Customer Service Team is on-call should you have any queries, or if our job requires a warranty or maintenance call-out. We have a great reputation built from over fifteen years to providing quality in our jobs to many happy customers. You can rest assured that we will attend to your matter as soon as possible.

That is why GONTECH Custom Wood is the Custom Cabinets manufacturer to call when you want a quality product with superior workmanship when your needs and your dreams get delivered.


WHY CHOOSE US / GONTECH Custom Wood offer a wide variety of alternatives, designs and styles including:

  • Kitchen Cabinets (Contemporary, European& Classic Style)
  • Bathroom Vanity (Classic and Modern)
  • California Closet
  • Commercial Furniture
  • Closet Doors
  • Office Furniture
  • Wall Panels
  • Outdoor Kitchen (Cabinets made with a high resistance to any weather)
  • Murphy bed

For a free estimate, or design consultation please contact us at GONTECH Custom Wood on: (305) 323 0765


Custom Design

For more information on our designs, please visit our Gallery. Our Gallery brings together a selection of custom designs ranging from the traditional to the contemporary. Each style has the flexibility to adapt in any home environment and can be designed to suit all tastes and budgets.

Unlimited Finish

We offer a wide variety of finishes ranging from a wide range of veneer that bring the texture of natural wood, combined with high quality paints, to Luxe panels whose resistance breaks with the past of lacquered materials, with a shiny surface that Adds to any stay the reflection of light, the amplification of space and an unparalleled sense of spaciousness.

Luxe opens up great possibilities of finishes, colors and designs, designed to bring the characteristics of our most exclusive material to different styles of decoration and interior, with options of edge in its color, laser or crystal.

Project Drawings

Our Designs combine our experience with the needs and desires of our clients, to offer a quality product whose objective is the full satisfaction of our customers.

Our Team

The entire GONTECH Custom Wood team is focused on designing, using premium materials and offer each and every customer the highest level of service. GONTECH Custom Wood partners with the best quality manufacturers, employs experienced and professional tradesmen to ensure the longevity of your custom designed.

The Working ProcessIn 3 Steps

Planning & Strategy

Design & Develop